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The start of college is a very exciting time. Before you know it, sometimes even before you’re on campus, you’re making a lot of decisions — fast. Choosing your courses is one of the first.” click here to read more

Attention Students!
Fresno State is now accepting applications for the Fall 2012 term. The deadline for submission is November 30th!
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High School
Are you satisfied with your SAT or ACT test score? Still need to take the test? We have study guides and individual assistance available. Give us a call to learn more about preparing to take the SAT/ACT.

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Adult Education
Adult Education

The Career Development and Adult Education Center is a multi-faceted program serving the career and educational needs of Tribal Members. We are here to assist Tribal Members in finding out what their passion is and what it takes to make it a reality through education and training. All high school students and adults are encouraged to visit the Career Development Center and meet with our counselors. We offer services on a number of levels through various programs.

Programs and Services

Educational Scholarships:

Adult Tribal Members working towards an Associate's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Masters or Doctorate Degrees may be eligible for funding.
Students enrolled in Adult education classes, including GED or Vocational Education, may also be eligible for funding.

College Advising:

The Education Counselor is dedicated to working with members to explore many educational opportunities. Support is available for students with various educational backgrounds and experiences. From those who have never set foot in a college classroom, to those who qualify to teach the class, the Education Counselor has resources to help at every level.

New students can get information and assistance with college applications, standarized tests, financial aid, registration and orientation. Students who are currently enrolled in college can meet with the counselor to discuss transfer options, changes of major, internships, and life after school.

In addition to advising services, the Education Counselor can explain the financial assistance offered to members enrolled in Associate, Bachelor, and Masters Degree level programs.

Students participating in vocational courses of study or entering the workforce may also receive funding. If you are interested in completing your GED, earning a college degree, or simply improving your job skills through training, call 683-6633 for an appointment with the Education Counselor today!

See the links at the bottom of this page to more information about local colleges and universities, scholarships and financial aid, career/major exploration, and educational information specific to Native Americans.

Career Development:

Members seeking assistance with employment or looking for ways to advance in their careers will find the Career Development Center a place with answers. Job postings, resources, and a calendar of workshops and classes are posted just outside the office, as well as on this website.

We can help Tribal Members who are currently employed gain new skills to advance within their organization.

The Career Counselor can assist in identifying and overcoming barriers that may keep Tribal Members from gainful employment. We can do this by utilizing community resources outside of our organization.

We presently work with the following organizations:

  • Resources for Independence
  • Madera Adult School
  • Madera County Workforce Development Office
  • West Hills Community College
  • Oakhurst Chamber of Commerce

The Career Counselor is also here to help with a job search, assessment, and determining what skills you have and how to put those skills to use, building a resume, interview strategies, and much more. The Career Counselor can also assist the Tribal Members in exploring various career and/or employment opportunities, or if the Tribal Member is interested in making a career change. 

Feel free to drop by or schedule an appointment today.

Other Programs Offered Through This Office:

K-12 Extra Curricular Education Activities

This program provides funding for Extra Curricular Education Activities. Activities covered in this program include, but are not limited to, academic enrichment programs, cultural enrichment programs, student aid, student recognition, academic development activities, academic and support equipment, before and after school programs, athletics and athletic programs, music, theatre arts and fine arts programs, and senior's year. Click here to access the policy and the application.


This program celebrates the accomplishments of our youth and adults and rewards and motivates them to achieve other educational goals. Students must complete an application and provide a copy of their certificate or diploma. Awards are given at the end of 8th grade, 12th grade, and for the completion of a GED, Vocational ED/license, AA/AS or BA/BS.


Local Colleges and Universities
State Center Community College District (SCCCD)
California State University System
University of California System
Fresno Pacific University
University of Phoenix
National University
Kaplan College

Scholarships/ Financial Aid
California Student Aid Commission
American Indian Education Scholarships
Fastweb Scholarship Database
Yosemite High School Community Awards
Fresno City College Scholarships Page

Career/Major Exploration
Occupational Outlook Handbook (Dept. of Labor)
Glossary of College Terms

Information Specific to Native Americans
American Indian Higher Education Consortium
National Indian Education Association
Haskell Indian Nations University
BYU Native American Educational Outreach Program
Dartmouth College
College Horizons



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